2002-03 Photos--B3/B1 steel erection

Photos from Jerry Marty unless indicated otherwise:

getting ready for B3 steel erection

The columns and trusses for B3 were the first project of the summer...here folks are staging material and getting ready.
a hold up
One of the main support trusses is set in place...
steely dan
...followed by the main framing truss for the first floor of B3.
from the back
A view from the back side of the new station.
strong foundations
The columns and grade beams for pod B1...as far as was planned for this season. B1 now houses the "emergency camp"--i.e. a power plant, emergency galley, and emergency/summer berthing.
ARO webcam photo after sundown

An excellent view of both the dome and the elevated station, from the NOAA ARO webcam on 25 March 2003, a few days after sunset.

While this was happening, several miles to the southeast the SPRESSO seismic lab was being completed.
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