Away with the freshie shack!

This building has been around in some form or since the dome was occupied and the need was recognized. It has been built and rebuilt several times. The ground floor of the latest structure was put up in 1978-79, the DNF upstairs was added sometime later, as seen in the background of this CARA 1991-92 photo. The top floor was enlarged in 1997. Anyway, as part of the dome demo it was time for this structure to go. Some of these photos exhibit some of the dome interior weather--stuff falling on the camera lens, exhaust haze, and/or my lousy editing. As usual, I've cranked up the exposures sometimes to enhance the details.

And I've included a few views of the old galley exterior and interior as it is in 2004.

tear down the walls
At left, the older portion of the upstairs DNF has been removed, while stuff is still being moved out from the beer/soda room. Above, the demo continues. This happened around 12 November 2003.
inside job
Looking down from the top of the stairs just before they go away.
A view from the annex roof, hauling the stuff away.
VXE-6 was here
During the demo, this old sign was disccovered. Here's a closeup view of the crew member list.
1976 timbers
Here all is gone except the foundation. This view shows how carefully the old galley had been expanded to preserve access to and around the freshie shack.
This view looking up towards the upper galley shows everything gone, including the stairs, which were removed for access,
upstairs downstairs
and later replaced.
The entrance to the old galley, marked with that flower garden that used to be in front of another nearby eating establishment which has been closed for awhile.
no more dinners
Before the demo, the kitchen area of the old galley was cleared out for DNF.
heavy stuff
After the kitchen equipment was reomved, the stuff from the dome gym was moved into the dining area.
keep me warm
Here's some DNF stuff stashed away in early December.
good stuff
The potables stored in another corner of the old galley building.

(photos #1-#7 and #9 from Scott Smith; #8 from Seth White, the rest from the common drive)