2004-05 Aerial Photos--late season

The Dark Sector

hilly ice
The dark sector looking east, with the future IceCube laboratory in the foeground (WNH)
old stuff
Looking south...the Dark Sector Lab is in the center, the VLF hut is to the right, and at the very bottom of this photo is the buried Old Pole (WNH)
Stanford, one mile
Looking west...the road in the background is heading off toward the VLF antenna (SJ)
camp out
The IceCube drilling site, looking northeast (WNH)
holey ice
Another view looking southwest (WNH)
in hot water
A closer view of the drill camp (Seasonal Operations Site) which contains the pumps, heaters, rodwell, tanks, power systems etc. (FB)
deep subject
Here's the actual drilling operation, with the giant supply hose reel and drilling tower. To the right are the to-be-buried IceTop tanks, containers of water (to be frozen over the winter) containing detectors (FB)
cold quarters
Another piece of IceCube--the Counting House, more
recently named the IceCube Laboratory...or what used to be
the El Dorm, freshly located here and gutted, to be modified
by the 2006-07 summer...to the right, the red structure
is the Temporary Counting House to be used until then (SJ)
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