2005 Winter Photos - B3 Downstairs

main entrance
Let's start in the main corridor--mostly framed at the beginning of winter.
Sheetrock installation.
hole in the ceiling
End of August...starting to frame the rather fancy overhead.
Looking the other way...sheetrock on the ceiling and in those display nooks.
lots o sanding
more light on the subjects
More hallway lights.
almost done
Looking from B4 toward the main entrance vestibule and TV lounge entrance.
cold wall
That TV lounge...here is the outside wall framing at the beginning of winter.
another mark wall
And the wall covering gets installed at the end of winter.
cold floor
Down the hall, the network operations center gets some underfloor cooling.
not your average cube
Laying out the custom furniture for the network control center.
studio monitors
And here is the furniture.

To the gym!

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