2005-06 Summer Photos - Wing B3

a place with hangups
Starting with some of the apparently mundane looking stuff at the beginning of the summer--this is actually the last wall to be constructed--between the main entrance coatroom and a storeroom.
a few holes left
Here it is a bit later with sheetrock.
hot stuff
Fin tube heaters being installed next door, in what was then being called the smoking lounge.
no smoking
Here it is completed with a bit of furniture, but no ashtrays. NSF decided to make all indoor areas of the new station non-smoking (DB).
walk this way
Outside the lounge, here's the main downstairs hallway early in the summer. The display case niches are on the right. More on them later.
wanna see wall hangings?

Across from the glass cases is this display board.
the curved wall
Outside the lounge and up the stairs, here's the last of those colored wall tiles getting put on.
bouncing off the walls?
The completed hallway a couple months later (NS).
doorway to nowhere
Looking the other way towards the door to the observation deck (JM).
radio darts
On the right, the doorway to comms and the office hallway.
executive row

Inside the main office hallway looking towards comms.
yank it
Ok, this is old comms in the dome--this "borrowed" UPS is being removed...(JM)
radios fixed here

...to be installed in the B3 comms shop (JM).
off the air
While the UPS was being moved, here's the empty old comms in the dome, on its last Christmas Day.
Everyone us upstairs in the new comms! Here's Tracy Sheeley, Katie Hess and Shelly DeNike (JM).
that is all?
A couple more comms hero shots...here's Katie with Neil Conant a couple days after Christmas (JM).
on deck
Here's Tracy in action (I).

Not done yet...there's a stairway to go yet (and B3 photo credits)

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