2005-06 Summer Photos - DSL/South Pole Telescope (SPT) continued

boltup crew
Here's the foundation boltup crew at work(JM)...
hex bolts
The completed pedestal, 10 December . In the background, looks like some folks drove out to the VLF antenna (C).
more pipes
By the way, the pedestal foundation was test assembled at the fabricator's shop earlier in the year, as seen here. Lots of heavy shop welding at skewed angles, and it was important that the fitup be right (SPT).
putting up with it
Back to Pole, here's a look at the foundation looking back at DSL as more steel is erected (C).
putting it out there
A more distant view of the pedestal and control room walkway foundations as of 21 December (C).
extreme iron
The framing as seen from the DSL roof. Some of the foundations for the ground shield are also visible (JM).
frame up
Next, going up with the first floor framing (C).

A closer view. This was happening on 27 December (C).
walk between
Looking the other way at the walkway framing (RP).
underfloor stuff
.Putting down nailers for the control room structure (CD).
wall framing for the SPT structure
A bit later, the walls are up (BM).

The walkway at the juncture with DSL, before the juncture was made (JM).
walls again
The scene from the other side (JB).
dishing it
Another view from a bit further back, this shows the new BICEP shield on top of DSL (JB).
precut roof panels
Toward the end of the season, here are some of the roof panels, precut for the telescope mount (JM).
that's all folks
The structure as completed at the end of summer (JM). Here's a link to my aerial photos of the new structure.
Work would continue during the winter. Photo credits: Evan Bierman (EB); Jay Bollinger (JB); Cynthia Chiang (CC); Pole common drive photos (CD); Jerry Marty (JM); Bob Morse (BM); Vladimir Papitashvili (VP); Rechelle Parent (RP); the South Pole Telescope web site (SPT); Antony A. Stark (AAS); Carlton Walker (C) USAP photo library; Ki Won Yoon (KY). Thanks...

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