2006 Winter Photos - Miscellany

In addition to the dome demo, a few other things were going on...
stick it

First, the new cryo...here, in March, Janice Martin continues where she left off in the 2005 winter, welding the floor plates together (RB).

A bit later in the winter (June) carpentry was underway on the interior walls (IC).
not a dorm

Out in the dark sector, folks worked fitting out the inside of the IceCube lab (IC).
dark matter
Another winter work area was the SPT addition to DSL. Here is what was going on in the control room (IC).
Back in the station, the permanent gym floor and the padding on the walls weren't put down until the end of the winter. Here it is, sans lines on the floor. (HL).
net ball
Here's another view with some volleyball action. From this distance it looks like Robert Schwarz (left), Craig Bell (center), and Denis Barkats (right) (HL).
While we're here, let's look at a few of
Heidi's spring pictures of the mezzanine (HL).
ride the tiger
More of those exercise machines that used to be in the dome galley/weight room/gym or wherever. Plus mostly new ones. (HL).
weighty matters
And of course, one of those scales (HL).
Credits...Rhys Boulton (RB) (USAP photo library); various IceCube galleries; Heidi Lim (HL).

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