2006-07 Aerial Photos--February 2007

going up
The IceCube lab, now fully in business with 26 string cables leading into the east tower. Behind the building, the west tower was still under construction here (FB).
hose job
Okay, here's the SP Telescope building in all its glory. Looks like some IceCube hoses drying out in the upper left (SJ).
clean dishes
Looking southeast across the SPT, with BICEP behind it on the DSL roof. And behind that is the IceCube drill site (FB).
big dish job
Continuing north, another view of the SPT showing the con- struction area and boxes of trash (separated, of course!) (SJ).
slew me
Continuing on around..with the antenna pointing away from us (SJ, CD).
back off
Backing off a bit, this view shows most of the IceCube drill camp, along with MAPO and the Building 61 substation (behind the crane) (FB, CD).
swing time
A similar view, except that the SPT dish has been rotated a bit (FB, CD).
This view moves back south a bit, revealing the dark defunct AST/RO building (last operated by the Harvard folks during my 2005 winter. It is to the right of the QUaD dish on MAPO (SJ, CD).
Okay, it is acronym time...it seems that..."QUaD stands for 'QUEST and DASI'. In turn, QUEST is 'Q & U Extragalactic Survey Telescope' and DASI stands for “Degree Angular Scale Interferometer'. The two experiments merged to become QUaD in 2003." This tidbit is a footnote in the QuAD paper from its first season (2005) published in 2007, you can find a link to it on w/o Robert Schwarz's page (scroll down to May). This is his sixth winter, and his third working on this project.
up, up...
At a higher altitude (FB, CD).
A closeup of the backside of MAPO...the QUaD dish is at left, and on the right side is the defunct ACBAR/VIPER dish that was last operated by Jess Dempsey during my 2005 winter. Oh, and here is also a good view of that Building 61 substation at right...(SJ, CD)
...and away
Finally, a high altitude view of most of the South Pole environs (SJ, CD).
flying away
And about a week later, here is the first of two shots by Cynthia Chiang on her way home on 12 February.
golf ball
Another view of the station complex from Cynthia Chiang.
The rest of the photos from Forest and Scot are from the
Antarctic photo library or the common drive (CD). Thanks
also to Denis Barkats.

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