2007-08 Photos - New Cargo Arch

gimme a pick me up
Looking from the elevated station windows, here the wingwalls are up...
up and down
The view from the arch floor looking through the old garage arch. See that new wingwall? It'll get used shortly.
walls up
bearing walls
A couple of views looking back towards the biomed arch.
A look through the wingwall towards the dome.
pickup lines
Time to pick up the first arch section and move it back northeast towards the biomed arch.
big letdown
...and carefully set it down atop the wingwalls.
resting point
A closeup view of the front of the arch sitting on the wingwall.
the next piece
Looking at the newly raised arch from inside of the other piece of the old power plant arch...
hole in the wall
...and from the galley window.
Note the cutout sections in the end of the newly set arch section, visible in some of these pictures...the upper opening was for the snow conveyor that was to dump snow into the stainless steel melter tank inside the power plant...something that failed to work the first winter of the then-new station in 1975. The lower cutout is the door opening that was cut out for access to the replacement snow melter that sat outside the arch.

Also notice how much dirtier (both inside and out) the power plant arch is, compared to the biomed arch on the left. Never fear, both will be buried again soon. By the way, at this point in the summer (20 December) the second section of the old power plant arch has also been raised and set.

Many of these photos are thanks to Tim Hayosh, 2008 w/o power plant person. Others are from Ethan Dicks (ED), Thorsten Stezelberger (TS), Ethan Good (EG), Jerry Marty (JM), or the common drive (I).

Go see what was happening next in the old garage arch.

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