2007-08 Aerial Photos--January 2008--the station, continued

heading out
Here are a few shots backing off toward ARO (SJ).
clean air
A bit further back (SJ).
out in front
up and away
...and a bit higher (SJ).
clean air?
Back a bit more, there's ARO and the met tower (SJ).
off in the ozone
A higher altitude shot from the clean air sector (GG).
northern exposure
While we're here, a closer view of ARO from the upwind side (GG).
lots of steps
ARO along with the met tower (GG).
heartbreak hill
Let's come back around for a good look at the dome (SJ).
walk right in
A good view of what for the past 45 years would have shown the main entrance to the dome (GG).
old arch new arch
With a closer look it is obvious which arch sections came from the old power plant and which are new (GG).
new arch old arch
Moving back a bit (SJ).
keep your nose in the air
And a bit more...(SJ).
drifty arches
A 1000-foot-altitude view looking straight up along the fuel arch. (SJ).
hose work
A closer view from the same angle. The fuel supply hose looping around from the flight line can be seen along the lower left and then up the middle into the fuel arch (SJ).
stacked iron
A closeup from the end of the arch, showing the stacked-up modules that will make up the storage deck inside the arch (GG).
empty shell
A closeup of the dome from this angle (ED).
windows on the world
Moving on a bit, the rest of skylab comes into view (SJ).
Keep going...

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