2007-08 Aerial Photos--January 2008--behind the station

We're still back behind the old station. I wonder what is still on the roof of Skylab (FS)?
room with a view
From the same angle, looking up at the new station. As I type this I'm in the lower floor room in the first (A1) wing just above the left side of the Black Box (hut). Time to lean back and look out the window...I won't be able to enjoy the view for much longer (SJ)!
round roof with no observation deck
Closer in. Early plans called for an observation deck on top of the vertical stair tower(GG).
A wider angle view shows the dome, new station and power plant exhaust (GG).
da plane
A similar view about 12 hours later during swing shift, with the sun to our back. Oh, and there's that aircraft again (SJ).
fields of antennae
Continuing on around the back of the station...(GG)
open ends
...until the ends of the arches come into view (GG).
back end stuff
Continuing around the back side of the elevated station (SJ).
do not freeze
A bit further back, the cargo and DNF ("do not freeze") buildings are in the foreground (GG).
back end stuff
A closer look at the 4 back wings (SJ).
siding with Pole
B wing, where all of the siding activity is going on (ED).
closing doors
The ends of the 3 arches...the center one (old garage/LO arch) is getting the bulkhead reinstalled (FS).
back yard
A view from closer to the skiway (GG).
blue buildings?
Back a bit more, some of the cold half-buried hypertats are visible (GG).
Let's have a look at the skiway...

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