2007-08 Aerial Photos--October 2007

shopping mall
Now, a few views of the berms, starting with this wide angle shot looking toward the skiway. The berms are about 10x bigger than they were in 1977, but there are some items that have been here all that time (RS).
garage sale?
A closeup overhead view of some of the berms...(SR).
things out back
A view looking roughly west, the antenna field is behind the spools (RS).
wire you asking?
Okay, here is a closeup view of the wire spools, now considered art (Spoolhenge) until they get retro'd (RS).
internet ball
A couple other shots on this side of the skiway...here's the MARISAT antenna and RF building...(SR).
gate 1
The air terminal/fuel pits (SR).
Next, the dark sector!

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