2007-08 Aerial Photos--October 2007

the road home
Back out to the northwest, here's a good view of the dark sector with the road back to the station (RS/USAP).
snow on the roof?
And here's a closer look at DSL and the SPT with the sun from this direction (RS/USAP).
old Pole?
At left, from the NW, a look back in time as it were...in the foreground is the new SPT with BICEP (about to go into its third and last season) behind it. Further back is MAPO with the defunct (decommissioned after the 2005 winter) VIPER dish and the QUaD telescope due to be decommed in this 2008 summer--probably already, since some of the electronics got fried only 2 weeks before the scheduled shutdown. Further in the background is the cold AST/RO building, home of that project which was also shut down after the 2005 winter. And that small structure on the right--that is Building 61, home of the power distribution stuff and the backup generator (SR).
Marty P was here
A closeup of MAPO, now home of defunct telescopes and a machine shop. Substation/emergency generator Building 61 is in the foreground. (SR).
dish me again
A good closeup of the other side of MAPO (RS/USAP).
dish me
Backing off to the southeast, here's the entire dark sector (SR).
big place
And a good parting view of the entire station complex from the northwest (JS).
cabin class
How it was done...several flights with several Polies taking
turns on each one. For example, here's Steffen Richter
(left) and Sven Lidström (SR).
Thanks to all the Polie photographers, here are the credits:

Robert Schwarz (RS); Steffen Richter (his home page) (SR); Emrys Hall (EH), and Jason Stauch (JS). Photos marked (USAP) are from the USAP photo library, and I've also had assistance from Heidi Lim.

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