2008-09 Aerial Photos--February 2009

dip into clean air
Backing up further, here's ARO and the SETI/AASTO buildings, let's take a closer look (ED).
snow sweep
Here's the west side of ARO with a good view of the drifting (ED).
An even closer look at that drift (ED).
space aliens
Next to ARO, here's the former SETI telescope building with a couple of additional buildings parked next to it. I don't know what was going on out here this summer. (ED).
hut hut
Looking more closely at the SETI site (ED).
the back yard
Next, let's move around back behind the dome. (ED).
back yard
Moving in closer from behind the dome (AVW).
top down
Directly over the dome...in the lower right corner next to those new air vents you can see the new hatchway into the fuel arch (HM/USAP).
So many pictures...there are more to come! For now, let's look at the dark sector.

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