2008-09 Aerial Photos--February 2009--Dark Sector

a vast place
Time to head for the dark sector, starting with this view of the entire station complex from the north end of the old skiway (HM/USAP).
science spots
Here we move in closer for a good view of the main buildings (ED).
back side
Swinging around the west side of the dark sector (AVW/USAP).
tenting tonight?
Here we are a bit closer...the IceCube drill camp is in the foreground. It had just been moved here from the summer drill sites (to the right in this picture) for winter storage (AVW/USAP).
A view from a slightly different angle. Some of the hoses (not the main drill hose which is stored on the reel over near the Cheese Palace) are visible staked out to the right of the camp (AVW/USAP).
little boxes all the same
A close view of the drill camp, otherwise known as the Seasonal Equipment Site (SES) if you are an IceCuber (AVW/USAP).
counting house
Finishing up with IceCube, here's a view of the south side of the IceCube Lab (ICL) (AVW/USAP).
Moving north, here's a view of DSL, with the ground shield for the former BICEP I telescope in the foreground, and the South Pole Telescope (SPT) dominating the back part of the building. Which didn't get any siding this year (AVW/USAP).
Old Pole is around here somewhere
Looking at DSL from the other side (AVW/USAP).
roof roof
Here's a closer view of the top of DSL and the SPT (ED).
Uncle Dave was here
A low altitude view of MAPO, with the substation building 61 in the foreground (AVW).
Uncle Dave was here
And a top view of this complex, looking into the defunct DASI and VIPER ground shields (ED).
Ivy League stuff
A closer view at the abandoned AST/RO building, which is in the upper left in the previous photo (ED).
cool places
Backing away from the Dark Sector, here's another view witn MAPO in the foreground (AVW/USAP).
Finishing up, here's another overall view of the Dark Sector...this
shot has the old SPASE 2 building at right (AVW/USAP).

Photo credits: AVW is Andrew V. Williams; SJ is Scot Jackson; ED is Ella Derbyshire; HM is Henry Malmgren, and the USAP photos came from the USAP photo library.

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