2010-11 Aerial Photos--January/February 2011--The Dark Sector

a dark sector
An overall view of the dark sector (at least most of it) looking east.
orange flag zone
Another view looking a bit further south. The orange flags were put up to mark the IceCube holes; the flags have since been taken down for the winter.
this was the drill
Here are a couple of views looking the other direction...(Haley Buffman)
holes in the snow
...in the left foreground are the leftover IceCube drill site modules...stored here for now.
named for Marty P
Here's a closeup of MAPO, this view looks southwest at the "back side," the substation building 61 is behind MAPO. The disturbed snow in the upper left is the former site of the AST/RO building which was demo'd this season.
dishing it out
Here's a closeup view of the ground shield on the southeast end of the building...most recently the home of the new SPUD/KECK telescope.
beaker box
A closeup of the Ice Cube laboratory (ICL) all wired up, with the cable towers completed.
the next big thing
Here's a distant view of the dark sector showing something new...the test site for the Askaryan Radio Array (ARA), a planned huge neutrino detector that will stretch many miles west of here.
hole in the pole
The view from this angle shows several craters north of DSL...the remnants of the blasting activities which collapsed Old Pole in the 2010-11 summer.
A closeup of the craters...with different lighting they look a bit like snow piles.
These photos are all by Robert Schwarz unless otherwise noted. Most of these photos appear in the USAP Antarctic Photo Library...some of Robert's photos are from his website, used by permission.

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