2013-14 Aerial Photos--January 2014

The berms

the station from the southeast
A long lens view of the station and the berms from the south.

Let's take some closer looks at the berms--first, continuing to look west, these photos show "most" of them as well as the flight line:
south end of the berms
middle of the berms
northern end of the berms
Lots of interesting relics still around, including that radome originally from Old Pole!

Now, for another look from the east side of the berms, flying over the skiway:

north end of the berms
middle of the berms
northern end of the berms
I had no idea the place had accumulated so many milvans! A few other items of interest: Spoolhenge, of course, in the background; at the left end of the row in front of it there's what looks like the legs from the old AASTO telescope mount...and in front of that (in more milvans)--some of the IceCube drill camp equipment. At the far right--the End of the World. Don't step off...

berm rows including the IceCube drill camp modules

Looking closely at several of the berm rows from the north...in the upper left are the stored IceCube drill camp modules.
more berm rows including some of the milvans

These adjacent rows include some of the many milvans.

Next...let's continue to look around the End of the World, comms, and beyond...

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