1997-98 Photos - New and Raised Garage Arches


walkway grating installation in the passageways
walkway grating installation in the passageways

The yellow grating was installed in the tube passageways like so. The firewalls/doors in the passageways, and the grating walkway around the new garage, wouldn't be installed until the garage building was completed in 1999. The walkway connections in the old garage/LO arch wouldn't happen until 2008 when that facility was created.

downwind passageway tube construction
downwind passageway tube construction

The downwind passageway/tube would only get a single door, so it was narrower and elliptical. The last bit of the new garage arch foundation is visible through the opening.

bolting arch rings together
Back outside, bolting the arch sections together.
inside the new arch
A view from inside the new arch.
access tube in the garage arch
Here, the downwind corrugated metal pipe access tube is visible inside the garage arch.
access passageway
The elliptical access passage tube, to be slid into the new arch when it was done.
arch preassembly
Preassembling another arch section.
upwind end of the two arches
A view from the upwind end of the two arches.
aerial view of the arch construction
Here's an aerial view of the almost-completed arch construction (C).
one of the last arch sections
I don't know if this was the last arch section, but it's pretty close (C).
FMC hero shot
Before things were completely finished, there was time for an FMC hero shot.
old and new garage arches
An interesting upwind photo of the two arches near the end of January. The then one-year-old BIF is visible to the left of the new garage arch...it had to be abandoned in 2015-16 because of settlement caused by the rodwell 1/sewer bulb overflowing into the firn underneath it (JM).
covering the opening
At the end of the season, the open downwind end was tarped to keep snow out (C).
inside the completed new garage arch
The view inside the completed arch (C).

All of the photos on this page are from Chris Rock except for those noted (C) from Carlton Walker, and one from Jim Mathews (JM). And forgive me, I had trouble adjusting the photo colors on these pages..each one taken individually doesn't look bad, but put next to each other...???

While all this was going on, the new high-speed satellite internet/data link was being created.

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