1998-99 Photos - Fuel Arch Upgrade

whatever floats your boat
More boats, more tanks...(NSF)
sign here for this tank
...until the last tank got some special attention (I).
your're the last one
Here it goes! (I).
done done
The last tank was set at 2110 on 7 January 1999 (I).
flex your joints
Still a lot of work to do...like all of the interconnecting piping...(I)
top off
...vents and drains...(I)
walk this way
...walkways between each pair of tanks...(I)
...and a new downwind bulkhead (I).
ready for a dip
The newly completed and inspected set of tanks, as seen from the roof of the pumphouse (C).
pressure points
Some of the piping inside the pumphouse. Everything was on line by the end of the summer (I).
the other door

Now for a look around the place...here is the new emergency exit door on the upwind end of the arch (2005).
round about
Inside the door...the top landing of a spiral stair (2005).
up and away
Here's the view from the bottom of the stairs (I).

tank you
A more recent look at the markings and signatures on the last row of tanks (2005).

Here's the walkway along the side of the arch (2005).
a moment in the sun
Here's the fuel arch pumphouse. Normally this structure is rather hard to photograph, but this unique view was taken in 2005-06 when the downwind bulkhead was being replaced as part of the biomed arch raising project (JM).
turn me off

A closeup view of the northwest end of the pumphouse, with the first tank in the background (2008).
mind the gap

Looking southeast along the upwind side of the pumphouse. These two sides of the pumphouse are due to be "pushed out" to expand the building interior during the 2008-09 summer (2008).

Photo credits--NSF, credited thus; RW, Robert Williscroft; RS, Robert Schwarz; CR, Chris Rock; C, Carlton Walker; I, found on the common drive/photographer unknown; JM, Jerry Marty; JMcD, Jason McDonald. Other dated photos are mine.

So what was going on at the other end of the arches?

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