1999-2000 Photos - Passageways and Vertical Tower

starting to build the power plant arch
Here the first section of the power plant arch (the northeast end) is being erected on 7 December 1999.

We're looking from the garage/LO side toward the passage to the beer can stairs, which for some reason wasn't provided an opening by the shop--requiring a bit of field cutting. (The passageway between the power plant and the beer can stairs is technically known on the drawings as "passageway #3 but I've never heard anyone call it that. Just like I rarely heard anyone calling the vertical tower anything but the "beer can." I'm thinking that folks are used to that by now. Uh, yeah, I'll get to the power plant construction photos someday soon (JL).

test erection of an arch section
Note that the section of the arch at the top of this page was test-erected--I'm guessing at the fabricator's shop (C).
junction node connecting to the ice tunnels
Here's the junction node just northwest of the power plant (and behind the as-yet-uncut side of the arch in the above photo). This side of the junction is now the exit from the ice tunnels; to the right would be the power plant, to the left would be the beer can stairs, and straight ahead would be...uh...(FCA).
Remember, at the time all this was designed, there were plans for a "future sewage treatment and alternative energy arch" northeast of the power plant...
planned future construction
...as seen here in this drawing excerpt.
the beer can foundation being laid out
Meanwhile, the foundation of the beer can/stair tower was being laid out (C)...
stair tower foundation
...and installed (C).
more of the arch tunnel between the power plant and the beer can
More tunnel construction toward the beer can foundation. Note that the junction is a 4-way, not as depicted in the drawing at above left (FCA).
stair tower foundation
Here's the beginning of the stair tower foundation (C).
stair tower erection begins
And the vertical erection of the stair tower and beer can begins (C).
bottom level of the stair tower

The first level of the stair tower goes up (FCA).
more of the stair tower

And here go some of the stairs (FCA).

Continue... we're not done yet.

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