The 2006 AXΣ Gathering in Boston continued

up up and away

And we have liftoff!
What is happening? Briefly, the candy provides lots of nucleation sites where the CO2 in the soda can form bubbles much more rapidly than normal. Bubbles = pressure = ...well, there it is. Feel free to search the web for more rigorous documentation.
steady, Al

Here's another launch sequence, these next 4 photos from Deb Degan.
bubble up

Starting up...
old faitnful

Another successful launch! Later experiments showed that placing the Diet Coke bottle in a pot of hot water yielded even more spectacular results.
detritus is the "after" photo...
evoe eloius (sp?)
Ulp, here we are, late Sunday evening just before Deb and Mike depart. Thanks to Deb who is taking the photo. L/R: Myrna, Bill, Al, Marilyn, Steve, Mike
9000 feet of altitude
The rest of the aftermath...Al and Myrna, Monday early afternoon just before we all depart.
time to go
Steve and Myrna.

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