2011-12 Photos - Ship Offload - Page 3

a big box store
Here's an extra-long reefer container coming off...using a lifting frame. (WH)
Let's keep going.
Like so.
Down, down...
green milvan
...and down. And the other crane is working too.
Lots more to go yet.
ball park estimate?
Take it away!
crack the hatch
Time to open the hatches.
big red boat
A couple of views of the opened hatches from Ob Hill.
And the sun peeks out again.
stepping through the shadows
View from the shadowed side.
big one
Another full-size container.
snow day
And then the camera fogged up a bit.
fork you
Not everything gets trucked.
an ice day
orange box
And away.
And then it started to snow...
...seriously! (331)
go with the floe
...and the wind keeps moving the ice around...
a flurry of activity
...and making a mess of things. (331)
icy tug
MWT-14 is snow-covered. (331)
do you dig Antarctica?
Time to shovel some snow. (331)
flat rack
Don't stop now.
snow cover
Lots more of these milvans to come yet!

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The photos seen here were obtained from the McMurdo webcams unless otherwise indicated. Some are from the Operation Deep Freeze (Joint Task Force - Support Forces Antarctica) Facebook page (SFA), and the 331 Transportation Company (Causeway) Facebook page. Others were taken by William Henriksen (WH) and are in the Antarctic Photo Library.

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