2011-12 Photos - Ship Offload - Page 4

my new ride
Some fresh vehicles.
box, one each
Not everything was in a milvan or flat rack.
this is a gas
This is a bit more efficient than those old air pallets of bottles.
another reefer
Getting down to the bottom of the hold.
whatever floats your boat
Hmmm, there's the warping tug.
We bring good things to life
And here comes another of those GE SeaCo containers.
Your history lesson for the day...SeaCo (formerly GE SeaCo) is one of the world's largest milvan leasing companies. It was created in 1998 as a joint venture of GE Capital and Sea Containers Ltd.) (later SeaCo Ltd.) Sea Containers had filed for Chapter 11 in 2006, emerging in 2009. In December 2011, the entire company was sold to a joint venture of the Chinese firm HNA Group (backed by the government of Hainan Province) and the Hong Kong-based private-equity firm Bravia Capital.
how much wood
Another flat rack of goodies.
sunny dat
Another look from the town side.
Where's that hydrogen generator when you need it?
And another tank of gas.
little boxes
Looking down the length of the causeway. Note the icebreaker in the background. (SFA)
some get all the breaks
The icebreaker Vladimir Ignatyuk tied up to the ice pier. The cruise ship Spirit of Enderby is in the background. (SFA)
putt putt
Here's a good closeup view of the two warping tugs. (SFA)
one of many
One of many...(SFA)
a man, a plan...
DCJTF-SFA, Colonel Gary James, working with the Captain Peter Stalkus of the M/V Green Wave. Peter was also the captain of the old Green Wave in previous years. (SFA)
half done
At some point on the 23rd, the offload was complete...this was the last of it. (SFA)
smile, you're on the webcam
So...it was time out for a hero shot! (331)
send me home
And a few other things. Here SSgt Joseph Burke and Sgt Brandi Manuel, of the 7th Sustainment Brigade, XVIII Airborne Corps, reenlisted at Pole on 21 January. (331)
send me home
Then it was time to start backloading.

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The photos seen here were obtained from the McMurdo webcams unless otherwise indicated. Some are from the Operation Deep Freeze (Joint Task Force - Support Forces Antarctica) Facebook page (SFA), and the 331 Transportation Company (Causeway) Facebook page.

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