2011-12 Photos - Ship Offload - Page 6

big gray boxes
Lots of pieces.
a bit of ice
Prepping one of the MCS sections for loading on to the Green Wave. (SFA)
pull for it
More effort prying things apart. (SFA)
tie one on at McMurdo
Rerigging on another section.
when the push comes to shove
And rearranging.
Moving stuff around topside.
on the move
Taking things out of the way temporarily.
A couple of minutes later, there's that tug heading for the ice pier.
another one
Yet another piece.
Raising yet another section.
floating stuff
Another piece.
In the glare of the sun, there's not much left.
section one
And another piece...
ramp down
So what's left, guys?
pick me up
This one, perhaps.
to the point
One of the ramp sections.
lay down
Stacking up.
rubber buggy bumpers
...and the pieces are stacking up on top.

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The photos seen here were obtained from the McMurdo webcams unless otherwise indicated. Some are from the Operation Deep Freeze (Joint Task Force - Support Forces Antarctica) Facebook page (SFA), and the 331 Transportation Company (Causeway) Facebook page.

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