2011-12 Photos - Ship Offload - Page 7

heave ho
The last one?
not quite
Not quite.
And one more.
not much
And yet one more.
a few pieces
Soon there was nothing left except for pieces like these. (SFA)
More disassembly. (SFA)
barging in
And more pieces to take apart. (SFA)
the tug of the Antarctic
A closer look. (SFA)
the tug of the Antarctic
Eventually there was nothing left except for MWT-15, seen here nudging the Green Wave away from the shore. (331)
time to shove off
Here's the Green Wave moving out...
the neighborhood
All gone!
tug here
Well, not quite gone yet. First, a stop to pick up that last tug. (SFA)
just a light tug
Here it is...(SFA)
take a bit off the front
...it got taken apart while still under power. (SFA)
time to shove off
Loading the last piece. (331)
sailing off into the sunset
Mission accomplished! (SFA)
the bar is open
Safe travels!! (331)

The schedule was...recovery of the causeway on the 27th and departure on the 28th. But things happened fast. The ship departed on the afternoon of the 25th!

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The photos seen here were obtained from the McMurdo webcams unless otherwise indicated. Some are from the Operation Deep Freeze (Joint Task Force - Support Forces Antarctica) Facebook page (SFA), and the 331 Transportation Company (Causeway) Facebook page.

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