Duke Energy North America (DENA) Moss Landing Power Plant

on Monterey Bay

My 2001-2 project...this was an artist's conception of the Duke Energy new generation power plant at Moss Landing, CA., on the Pacific coast at Monterey Bay, 100 miles south of San Francisco. This is a 1060 MW combined-cycle gas turbine power plant, on the same site as DENA's two existing 750 MW conventional gas boiler units. These new units first generated electricity during performance tests in early April 2002; they achieved commercial operation by summer. At that time this plant became the largest power plant in California.

This view is looking northeast. You see four Alstom heat recovery steam generators, or "HRSG's" (boilers with attached stacks) which use the exhaust gas from GE gas turbines to generate steam to drive two GE steam turbine generators.