How we got there

Mountain Shadows in Scottsdale

More recently, the Pole winterovers went to an "outward bound" type "ropes course" which involved lots of bonding and teamwork and also incorporates the psych exam. Nowadays they have a couple weeks of serious firefighting and medical training that is just a bit more extensive than the 1-hour lecture we all had in the McMurdo firehouse.the Antarctic conference For those of us who were on board in the northern hemisphere summer of 1976, we went to the NSF planning conference at the Mountain Shadows Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. This event was and is still held for the scientists, but in our day there weren't many civilians in the program so the w/o contractor types were invited. The event featured lectures (right) by Charles Neider and Larry Gould, as well as gory frostbite slides Jan Boyd and Dave Bresnahan (yes, Bill Spindler actually had to leave the room). Another interesting event was a happy hour for the w/o's. The story was that folks would watch us to see how we could handle our liquor. Of course we w/o's (from all 4 stations) stuck together and had that figured out, and we had fun putting on a show.

Here's the list of attendees which I recently received from Gary Bennett, who'd wintered at Palmer in 1975 and was returning to the ice to work at the RIGGS field camp.

At left, Jan Boyd, H&N admin type and one of the first contractor females to spend time at Pole (not our year) (left) is talking with friend Dave Bresnahan, who then and more recently was one of the NSF types involved in helping the contractor keep the scientists happy.

Bill Vincent and Del Harper having an alfresco breakfast Hmmm. At right, there's Del Harper (right) our original comms coordinator who never made it south of McM (long story). Also at the table is Bill Vincent, our original w/o cook. He opted not to winter, but he stayed around for the summer.

doctor Fritz Koerner

Our famous Doctor Fritz makes the scene.
clothing issue building, 1976
Here's where we got our cold weather gear in 1976...and also in the 80' the former Navy base west of the airport entrance roundabout.
looking west, our clothing distribution center is at left
A more distant view of the CDC (no, they didn't call it that then) looking west.
some of us waiting for the flight to McMurdo

Me and some of my fellow travelers on my flight just before we left Christchurch for McMurdo in October 1976. I'm second from left in the back row. No other (eventual) Pole w/o's in this group, but there are a few familiar faces...including Andy Banks (standing, right) and Les Rohde (sitting, right).