How we got there...via McMurdo...

I'm not sure when all of these photos were taken, so I'll lump them together. We all passed through McMurdo at least once on the way to Pole...some of us went back in midsummer for one reason or another. First, we have the Les Rohde/Stu Harrris great expedition to Castle Rock. I'll use Les's captions along with his first three photos, since I wasn't there.

hang on
Looks pretty clean at the beginning of twelve months, doesn't he?
Here's Stu on top of Castle rock with an overcast summer sky..
heroic pose

Heroic pose by Stu as we assualt Castle Rock.

another heroic pose!

Me (Leslie Rohde) as captured on film by Stu Harris in the summer
of 1976 (he was especially proud of the perspective effect)..

high altitude

Alex left us for a bit in late December to go to Vostok. The photo at right was taken at Vostok on 28 December 1976, and was published in the March 1977 Antarctic Journal. Left to right, Ralph Johnson, USGS (1976 Vostok w/o, I remember radio comms with him); Michael Fancher, Stanford (1977 Vostok w/o); Rob Flint, Stanford (1974 Vostok w/o; also Byrd 1964 and Plateau 1966); Alex Zaitzev; Edward Lysakov, USSR Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (McM 1976).

southern flowers

Another photo of the Vostok trip; Alex is standing in the right place as usual--next to biologist Jeanette Thomas. Jeanette was presented with fresh cut flowers from the Vostok greenhouse (U. S. Navy photos).

 thawing out the cold war

Another international gathering in the McMurdo oficers' club...Russians and Americans having a drink -- the "cold" war in action ;-). Left to right is Jack Jones (McMurdo SatTrack manager 1976), Edward Lysakov (McMurdo w/o Russian), Dave Bresnahan, Alex Zaitzev, and a glimpse of Mike Pavlak (these o-club photos are from Les Rohde).
Piels Beer

I'm at left, I don't remember who the other folks were
except Les says the guy on the right was an Aussie.
chill out Mike!

From left: Dave Bresnahan (NSF), Jim Chambers (H&N resident manager), Mike Pavlak (Chalet admin coordinator and Pole manager for 1978), Mark Van Reeth (1977 w/o BFC manager), Bill Spindler.

I took a lot of pictures in McMurdo, and maybe I'll get around to scanning
a few of them someday. But since this web site is about us at Pole, for now I'll
just finish up with this great slide I copied from Al Nelson...he took it along the way.

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