who we are

The Dome

Here was our first look at the station when we arrived. This view is from fairly early in the season. The second flag on top of the dome was the Bicentennial flag which flew there until the end of 1976. At right is showing the flaganother view of the station entrance from the 76-77 VXE-6 cruisebook.

Pole Souls in the library

One version of our winter-over picture
in the library, this shot features all 21 of us.

official picture

This "official" version got created in the darkroom, mostly by Alex and Jerry.
Now it is part of the rogues gallery in the main hallway of the elevated station.
During my second winter it was still hanging on the back wall of the library
in the dome, which of course is no more. Oh, I should also mention that this
copy of the photo was loaned to the station by Bill Koleto.

where'd the soft chairs come from?
here is the proof... the 1999 NOAA guy Joel Michalski looking at it in September
1999. Here is an archived version of Joel's diary entry where he discusses this photo.

Outside the front door

Here is another look at most of us outside the front door.

Lloyd shaved his head 
Still another group shot of all 21 of us early in the year...we thought we ought to
take a couple of winterover group photos early in the winter in case we weren't on
speaking terms later. But no worries.

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