Pole People

Happy Amundsen's Birthday! (?)Many of us brought cameras along to the sunrise party. Since it was cloudy, we turned the cameras on each other after the concert. Here's Ken G., Dave and Brad.

Ken... the night s***

Ken Barker, the night half of the USGS team, takes a break from the satellites.

No ice chests or refrigerators are required in skylab. If you take a beer at room temperature and set it outside the (fire escape) door for 4 minutes during winter weather, it will be chilled to drinking temperature. Don't forget about it, however. You snooze, you lose!

science at sunrise

On the fourth floor, Alex contemplates the infinitely expanding universe...(?)

does this compute?
Bill K and John in the computer room. The terminal and printer are behind the speaker; the computer itself is behind Bill. Everyone had their own personal magnetic tape.

star trek

Here's an earlier view of the 3 computers (the panels with many buttons). These were HP 4800 minicomputers with 64 or 32k memory, and they cost perhaps $50k each. Two of these were permanently involved with the UCD micrometerology data collection project, but the third one was often available for text editing and typing message traffic and reports. We had a program that would convert the computer data to teletype code, and punch out the paper tape in comms to be sent out to the real world. For those days we had an amazing amount of computer power available for personal use!

the CIA man

Denis in the dining room, taking a break
before the crowd shows up for dinner.

  It's what's for dinner!

On another night, Denis gets the main
course ready as the crowds gather.
(Photo from Tadashi Yogi) Denis, DON'T bring me any more dirty pots!!

House mouse Fritz looks up from the sink full of dirty dishes...

  2:45 AM in the bar
Here's a good picture I just found, this is our NOAA guy Brad Halter.
He wintered again in 1986 and made other summer trips back to Pole
since 1977, as well as Concordia (Dome C) and Summit Camp in
Greenland...okay hi Brad! In the background here you can see Dave
and a bit of Tadashi.

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