Pictures of Jake...

Alas, poor Yorick!

Winter 2000, examining what may once have been a toasty Polie...(CH)

2000 sunrise party... outside (!) of skylab lounge (CH)
getting an early start for opening flight
Skiway preparation...April 2001 (!) (DH)
I'm Jake, fly me...

A shot from that 2001 winter medevac (DH)
Christmas in July
Celebrating Christmas in July (DH)
ahh, fresh spring air
Getting the Pole skiway ready in more usual times (DH)

A fairly recent summer photo of Jake in the new station galley (DP)
on the beach!
Karamea Baja style! (DP)
just married
Jake and Kathy on wedding day with that luxury stretch limo (DP).
Jake (right) with Brad Johnson, in front of the Tucker contemplating how awesome they are at grooming the Summit Camp skiway.(BJ).
tuckered out
Another shot of Jake with the Sno-Cat (BJ).
roger over roger

Jake talking to his photographer on the radio in front of the D-6 at Summit (BJ).
this is it

Jake wearing one of his favorite hats, showing off his sweet berthing room, where Jake as always stayed at Summit Camp (BJ).
c'mon in

Another view of the luxury digs (BJ)
hello from Greenland

Jake calling his mom and dad from Summit (BJ).
chicks at Summit?

A bit of time with, well...(BJ)
cutting edge
Another view of Jake with the D-6, this one from March 2006 (SC).
cleaning up
House mouse (or whatever they call it at Summit Camp), summer 2005 (SC).
what is the reality

Left, I can't do better than the original caption, "Jake ponders reality" on 29 May 2005 (SC). Unfortunately, the reality for Jake at this point is a long and uncertain road to recovery and rediscovery of what his reshaped body will let him do. We know he is incredibly strong--after all, they were out looking for signs of his FROZEN BODY when he walked up to the search vehicle--but at this point he is not without need of help. Thanks to all of you who contributed to the Jake (and Kathy) support fund, which is now closed.

hang in there
Here's Jake off Little Wanganui in March 2007. Hang in there Jake! (KH)

Okay...there are now MORE PHOTOS OF JAKE along with all the credits here!