South Pole Winter 2015

the 2015 midwinter greeting card

Here is the midwinter greeting card, with a different "take" on the location (!)
Lots of smiling Polies! Well, I remember when these stairs looked like this.

                                 Speaking of "takes," here are a couple of outtakes with better views of some of the folks:

group photo in the gym
A group photo in the gym...
Polies in the gym in a compass formation
...and "all points north."
Marissa Goerke's midwinter timelapse montage
Marissa Goerke's midwinter timelapse montage (with assistance from Stevan Beer).
the 2015 midwinters day menu
The midwinter dinner menu...
John O'Connor reading President Obama's midwinter greeting
...and manager John O'Connor reading the
midwinter greeting letter from President Obama.

the 2015 winterover photo
Above, the official 2015 winterover photo...taken in the fall before it got dark. Great picture...with thanks to Robert Schwarz!

Here is the original photo...5550x4050 pixels/4.7mb.