South Pole Winter 2017

The official 2017 winterover photo
Above, the 2017 winterover photo, taken and created by Hunter Davis and Matt Smith. It actually is a composite of three photos taken during the winter and dawn. An awesome photo!!! Here's a slightly larger file size version.

2017 wo photo
Above, a larger look at the base photo (huge full size version--14 mb).
Below, the list of names.
The 2017 winterovers

Below, a glimpse of the framed photo hanging in the main hallway.
the 2017 winterover photo on the wall

the 2017 Polies at midwinter

Above, the spectacular midwinters day greeting card, created by Martin Wolf and
Hunter Davis. In the group photo, folks are wearing work clothes, carrying things
that represent their jobs...and/or displaying other important items. Here's a larger
version of the group photo
(404 kb).

the 2017 midwinter dinner menu

Above, the midwinter dinner menu (closeup). The dinner was on Sunday 18 June, the first day of the two-day weekend.

the 2017 midwinter dinner
Polies getting ready to enjoy the feast. In the foreground can be seen the plaque and photo of Rodney Marks on the memorial table traditionally set up for the four winterovers who lost their lives at Pole.

Other events during dinner included a role-playing murder mystery, as well as the announcement by machinist Matt Krahn of the winning 2018 Pole marker design by Martin Wolf (sorry, no photographs until 1 January 2018). The weekend also included a beard/mustache contest and a showing of The Shining.

scroll temperature
While all of this was going on, the outside temperature dipped briefly into
3 digits (ºF)...but not long enough for any extracurricular activity.

Additional photo credits--the menu photo is from James Casey; the huge winterover photo is from Brett Baddorf; photos of the framed winterover photo, the menu closeup, and the folks at dinner are from Mike Rice.