South Pole Winter 2019

the 2019 winterover photo
Here's the official winterover photo...created by Viktor Barricklow. I'm told that it was cloudy when this
was taken, so the sky effects were photoshopped in. And there's a key to where everyone is in the photo!
Here is an unedited version (704 kb).

2019 winterover base photo
Here's the base photo...

...and below, a blown-up view of the legend, overenhanced for legibility.
the names of the 2019 winterovers

the 2019 Pole midwinter greeting

Here's the rather dramatic midwinter greeting photo/card!

The card was created by Viktor Barricklow along with Luis Antonio Gonzalez. Its original inspiration was the "three wolves howling at the moon" T-shirt theme/meme. Here's his description of the amazing photo creation: " I took a photo of everybody from the mezzanine of the B2 Science Lab and had everybody look to the right of my camera a bit. Then the Wayne photo I took separately using some backlighting. Then lastly, the background shot is just an aurora photo I took outside of DA looking towards the Dark Sector. Then I used Photoshop to put them all together!" Here's a larger file size version of the greeting card.

staging for the midwinter photoHere's a great video that Viktor includes a discussion of the midwinter greeting card tradition (photo below), the creation of the Pole photo, and--a newer tradition--the South Pole midwinter greeting video--which was also created by Viktor and Luis. is the full greeting video featuring all of the US Antarctic and Arctic stations!

greeting cards from other Antarctic stations

Some of the greeting cards from other Antarctic stations...Palmer Station's greeting is at far left in the second row, and McMurdo's is four to the right of it.

the midwinter dinner
Oh, of course the occasion called for a special dinner on Saturday 22 June.

old antarctic explorers rations
The main menu was quite extensive, including entrees of lobster tail and leg of lamb.

But there were also "goodies" that used to be the main diet of the heroic era explorers: sledging biscuits, dried fish, and two varieties of pemmican. Some of these were created with the help of that 2012 book Hoosh: Roast Penguin, Scurvy Day, and Other Stories of Antarctic Cuisine by friend Jason Anthony. He worked on the ice between 1994 and 2004, including a few weeks at Pole in 1999-2000 as a fuelie. In 2001 he spent much of the summer with one other person maintaining the Odell Glacier blue ice runway 120 miles from McMurdo--it was maintained as an emergency landing site for the Air Force (they never used it while he was there). More about Jason and the book is in this 2012 Antarctic Sun article.

The greeting card and "Hoosh" photos are by Robert Schwarz; the dinner photo is by Viktor Barricklow.