Christina Hammock and CRYO--2005

Christina Hammock in the cryo office
Here's Christina Hammock in what then was the cryo office, a small hut next to the
original cryo barn. On 20 September 2005 she gave Mike Hole and myself a
tour of the cryo operations.

But first, a couple of her photos:

Christina with a helium dewar on an LC-130
November 2004...she's flying south on an LC-130 with a couple of liquid helium dewars. Liquid helium is at -393ºF or -236ºC, only a few degrees above absolute zero. As of 2013 the stuff is still used to cool the telescope detectors in the dark sector, but they now recycle and recompress their helium so they no longer require liquid helium replenishment (photo from the NSF USAP Antarctic Photo Library).
Christina with one of the large dewars
Here she is at Pole, in front of the cargo office, on a cargo sled which holds one of the large dewars. This photo is also from the NSF USAP Antarctic Photo Library.
Back to our September 2005 adventures:
Christina with Bill Spindler in the cryo barn
Here Christina watches me as we're in the cryo barn ready to transfer LHe into that dewar.
me with the helium lance
And here I am with the lance.
Christina with Mike Hole
Christina is watching Mike Hole with the lance, as gaseous helium vents.
Mike holding the transfer hose
Mike holds the hose during the transfer.