Expeditions 7

Bill Coughran acquiring a Utah Jazz jersey
Bill Coughran being given a Utah Jazz jersey by team owner Greg Miller, as WSM Shelly Finley looks on

"Expeditions 7" (archived site) was a NGO group of hardcore offroaders who wanted to drive their Toyota Land Cruiser on all continents. #6 was Antarctica, so they hired Arctic Trucks to help them do this...on a 3400-mile return trip from Novo, via Pole to the point on the Leverett Glacier that marked the land/ice boundary--about 300 miles along the traverse route. This trip took place in November and December 2013--they reached Pole on 7 December. One of the group was Utah Jazz owner Greg Miller (need I mention that these ventures aren't cheap) who presented area manager Bill Coughran with a unique Jazz jersey, as WSM Shelly Finley looks on. The jersey number 1956 denotes the year that the first South Pole Station was constructed.

The other expedition members were Scott Brady and Chris Collard of the Overland Journal, and Gísli Karel Elísson from Arctic Trucks.

This photo was clipped from the expedition video, which is available here from Vimeo and was formerly linked from the expedition website.