MAPO dedication commentary

Dec 2 [1994]

Yep, I'm leaving today, well hoping to, except now it's the same old story
with the broken planes...
I'm going to miss the big visit from the head of the NSF tomorrow - a lot
of surface cleaning going on for that...lots of people moving dirty 
looking pallets out of sight, grooming the snow at the front of the dome
etc. This guy is coming to open the CARA building, the Pomerantz building
as it is to be known - he is staying for a total of four hours, so they
will be keeping the plane running out on the skiway for that entire time!

Anyway, to your questions about the motors, I took the outer case off one
of the motors, the aperture I presume, but could not get the other one
off without risking breaking screws and things - I'll let someone else
take that responsibility! After that the aperture cooled down by 30C or so,
the fiilter was still running quite hot. But both of them worked
perfectly throughout the data run on Wed. night, none of the usual problems

Now they are going to move the irps upstairs to it's designated spot,
as someone else wants to use the space where it has been. I'll try to make 
sure they keep everything together - there is great potential for things
getting lost out there at the moment.

See you soon,


The above diary entry was part of Rodney Marks' 1994 diary entries published
here on the UNSW site. The IRPS was one of the  first projects to be set up
and operated in MAPO, here's a paper on the IRPS instrument.