The GISP-2 Site

the GISP-2 site
The GISP-2 drilling operation was conducted under that geodesic dome. The tents around it are
where the researchers slept. The elevated structure at at the far left is what is now the Summit
"Big House."

After five years of drilling, the GISP-2 project successfully penetrated through the Greenland ice sheet on 1 July 1993, recovering a 3053.44 m (10,000 ft) ice core. At the time this was the deepest ice core ever recovered in the world. The site (72°35'N, 38°28'W) would later be developed as NSF's now-permanent Summit Station.

This photo is by Tim Miller, from August 1990. More information on the GISP-2 project can be found at the GISP 2 website.