Old South Pole Photos--Collapsing Passageways

[these photos were probably taken during the 1996-97 investigations]
The entrance...not yet buried,

hole in the ground
Looking down the entrance shaft...

step down
At the bottom of the shaft, in the vestibule looking down the "holy stairs"

look up
Here is Scotty Smith at the bottom of the stairs.

One of the main passages (hmm, I have a labeled map somewhere, where is it?)

down the hall
A bit further along...

steeling away
Some of the steel structure put up west of the galley in 1963-64

beam me up Scotty
Another slightly different view

connections of the past
Closeup of the roof joist connection, this structure is holding up well

deep stuff
One of the side passages...

open wall plan
One of the tunnels with an exposed snow wall

the crushing blow
The first of 3 views of the collapsing roof structure...why this place is so dangerous

hard hat area
Another interesting collapse

yield to pier pressure
Another interesting failed joint

pipe up, Polies
The piping used to pump the fuel from the arch bladders to the surface

The met storage area at the east end of the station near the BIT...in addition
to fuel, lots of usable weather balloons were recovered from here...

good wood
...along with some timbers, perhaps including these, which were dug out during the 1998-99 season.

Photos from Chris Rock...there were 76 pictures taken of this venture. What is on these two pages are the ones I put up on the Pole common drive in 2005, but I do have more to add here someday (thanks Chris and Skip Withrow!)