South Pole Winter 1975

the first ones

Back row (standing) l to r - Bill Smythe, Steve Kott, Jon Sorenson, Stu Rawlinson, Tom Plyler, Ralph Boschert, Larry Duckett, Joe Parr, and Carlis Nunn

Front row (kneeling) l to r - Rob Hamilton, Dick Maestas, Mike Hummer, Bruce Morley, Ken Martinsson, Dick Wolak, Bruce Fitch, and George Engeman

Boschert, Ralph G., doppler research/satellite tracking, USGS
Duckett, Larry, cook, H&N
Engeman, George, geophysical monitoring, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Fitch, Bruce, meteorology, University of California Davis
Hamilton, Robert, meteorology - station science leader, University of California Davis
Hummer, Michael G., M.D. biomedicine -station physician, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, H&N
Kott, Stephen, geophysical monitoring, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Maestes, Richard, meteorology, National Weather Service
Martinsson, Kenton, meteorology, National Weather Service
Morley, Bruce, meteorology, University of Nevada
Nunn, Carliss, station engineer, H&N
Parr, Joe, communications, H&N
Plyler, Cy Thomas (Tom), power plant mechanic, H&N
Rawlinson, Stuart, supplyman, H&N
Smythe, William, geophysics, University of California Los Angeles
Sorenson, Jon E., doppler research/satellite tracking, USGS/University of Texas
Wolak, Richard J., station manager, H&N

The above photo was scanned from the original at Pole, September 2005
(larger file size, 308k) (larger formats available)
Photo caption and name help from Dick Wolak;
List source: Antarctic Journal (NSF), July-August 1975.

In 2005, the above photo was mounted in this frame (it was reframed by
Andy Martinez in 2007 to hang in the hallway of the elevated station).

framed up
(larger file, 350k)