South Pole Winter 1980

chosen frozen

Back Row, (left to right)
Jay Morrison (Power Plant), Paul Klaus (Comms Operator), Erik Kramer (USGS), Joe Roman (Met
Tech), Jim Remick (Cook), Neil McDowell (Facilities Engineer), Mike Savage ( Meteorologist),
John Villemez (Mechanic), Howard Evans (Comms Coordinator)

Bottom Row:  Larry Arave (Electrician), Martha Kane (Cosmic Ray Observer), Bruce Gaylord
(Station Manager), Steve Glenn (Physician), Greg Arnold (USGS), Mike Siedelberg (Clean Air),
Bill Hiscox (NOAA Corps)

Lying down at right: Mark Kennedy (Materialsman)

Larry Arave, electrician          Fort Collins, Colorado

Greg Arnold, USGS                 Herndon, VA

Bruce Gaylord, station manager    Irvington, Kentucky

Steve Glenn, doctor

Bill Hiscox, NOAA Officer         Tucson, Arizona

Mark Kennedy, materials

Paul Klaus,  comms operator

Eric Kramer, USGS
Neil McDowell, engineer

Jay Morrison, power plant         Tucson, Arizona

Howard Evans, comms co-ordinator  Richmond, Indiana

Jim Remick, cook                  Sedgwick, Maine 

Joe Roman, Met tech

Mike Savage, meteorologist        Wellington, New Zealand

Martha Kane Savage, cosray        Wellington, New Zealand

John Villemez, power plant        Valley Center, California

G. Mike Siedelberg, NOAA          Fife Lake, Michigan

(photo and list from Mike Savage)
(original unedited photo)