Army Helicopter Crews at Pole

helicopter crews in front of that striped bamboo flagpole

Here's a hero shot of the Army helicopter crews up on the old garage roof, in front of the orange striped bamboo flagpole. From left: kneeling, SP/5 Paul George, 1st Lt. Charles Beaman, Capt. Neal E. Early, CWO John P. D'Angelo, and SP/5 Louis J. Harrison. Standing: SP/5 James C. McCaslin, Captain Frank H. Radspinner, Jr., S/Sgt Robert X. Anderson, CWO Joe R. Griffin, and SP/5 Frank L. MacPherson.

The above is an official US Army photo; it appears in the Bulletin of the U.S. Antarctic Projects Officer,, March 1963 (link to the full issue). [I grabbed this photo from that PDF file as my hard copies are packed away; at some point I'll scan a better version.] Other information about this venture and the surveying activities (but no Pole photos) can be found in the Antarctic Journal of November/December 1969 (link to article). The USARP surveying activities are described in detail by George Doumani in his 1999 book The Frigid Mistress ( link). And here's a page from the U.S. Army Transportation Museum at Fort Eustis which describes/depicts the Army's Antarctic activities between 1956 and 1969.