Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
Winter Over 1967

1967 winterovers
...well, it turns out this isn't quite the winterover photo (read on...)
Ronald C. (Craig) Sullivan, MD, Lt. MSC, USNR, OIC/Physician
Howard W. (William) Broome, Jr - Electrician
Charles E. Gorham - Builder
Lawrence J. (Larry) Bean - Electrician
Francis B. Macnowski - Construction Mechanic
Rudolph D. (Rudy) Terrazas - Builder
Noah D. White - Radio Operator
James P. Rivera - Electronics Technician
Steven E. Terwileger - Corpsman
Harold K. Crain - Utilitiesman
Floyd Virdin - Mechanic/Equipment Operator
Harvey W. High - Cook
James T. Wells - Storekeeper 

Richard B. Weininger, Station Scientific Leader  -  Ionosonde
John C. Plankington, Weather Service Supervisor 
Philip A. Postel - Weather Service
Joseph DesRoches - Weather Service
Peter F. Brazitis  - Geophysics
Lt. Richard V. O'Connell, USESSA  - Seismology
Kirmach Natani - Sleep Study
Petr (Peter) Astakhov - Soviet Exchange Scientist - Ionosonde

Thanks to Kirmach Natani for the list of names. The photo is scanned from the DF-67
cruisebook. Here's a higher quality jpg (551kb) as well as my Photoshop (psd) file (37mb!)
if you are curious.

But...don't get too hung up on this photo...turns out that although the cruisebook describes
it as the "crew of Pole Station," it is not quite the winterover crew. In October 2014, Bill
Broome marked it up (below) indicating who wintered and who wasn't in the picture. The unmarked
folks in the photo did not winter. So it seems that this photo was taken before the end of summer,
with a mix of winter and summer men. February 2020 Peter Brazitis pointed out
that Harvey High is in the photo, in a white shirt next to Floyd Virdin. 
marked up photo
Meanwhile, Natani wrote that the official photo was taken at the midwinter party, with a sign to
that effect held in front of the group. He has a slide copy somewhere packed away. Perhaps someday
he will yet dig it out.