Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
Winter Over 1968

the 1968 winterovers
Above...the newly acquired 1968 w/o photo. There's a sad story about where it came from.
But first...below are the folks you see here.
 1. John R. Hedley        "John"     LTJG (CEC) OIC
 2. Richard M. Hook       "Doc"      LT (MC)    Doctor
 3. Michael L. Howell     "Mike"     SK2        Supply
 4. Verner J. Jensen      "Vern"     CMC        Mechanic
 5. Rudolph Littleton     "Tiny"     RMC        Radioman
 6. James L. McDonald     "Mac"      EM1        Electrician
 7. David G. Peterson     "Pete"     ETN1       Electronic Tech
 8. Charles E. Ruiter     "Charley"  EO3        Equipment Operator
 9. Stanley I. Wood       "Woody"    EO1        Equipment Operator
10. Jack L. Blackwell     "Blackie"  CEW2       Electrician
11. George A. Cabral, Jr. "Duffy"    CS2        Cook
12. Stephen L. Church     "Steve"    HM2        Corpsman
13. Douglas D. Harwood     "Doug"     BU1       Builder
14. Lynn H. Hartgrave      "Drifty"   UT1       Utility Tech
 1.  Albert T. Joern      "Al"      Sleep/Pulmonary Studies
                                    University of Oklahoma, Med. School
 2.  C. Stanton Massey    "Stan"    Met. Technician
                                    ESSA/Weather Bureau
 3.  Hain Oona            "Hain"    Upper Atmosphere Studies
                                    ESSA/ Research Labs
 4.  Fred W. Walton       "Fred"    Seismology/Geomagnetism/Gravimetric
                                    ESSA/ US Coast and Geodetic Survey
 5.  Dan M. Chadwick      "Dan"     Met.. ET
                                    ESSA/Weather Bureau
 6.  Harold L. Coleman    "Les"     Met. in Charge/Station Scientific Leader
                                    ESSA/Weather Bureau
 7.  John R. Bower        "John"    Ionospheric Physics
                                    Bartol Research Foundation

...with thanks to Fred Walton for the names.

Okay...where'd the photo come from? Earlier this year, one of the w/o's, EM1 James L. McDonald
passed away in Palm Harbor, FL. A local antique dealer was tasked with selling some of the stuff,
which included three "Society of the South Pole" certificates he thought significant (I remember
these from my '70's deployments)--two were blank and one was made out to James McDonald and signed
by OIC LTJG John Hedley. And a "by the way, there's a group photo..."

Many thanks to Daniel McCoy and his wife, who own the antique store The Iron Pelican Antiques
in St. Petersburg, FL. for sending me the photo (as well as the certificates).

Here is the huge (68mb) Photoshop (psd) winterover photo.

Oh, if anyone wants a blank "Society of the South Pole" certificate, you can download it here.
I should note that the original certificate is 21" wide by 15-1/2" high...and that file is
35 mb. Below, a smaller version (its link is 3.6 mb).
the Society of the South Pole certificate