Medevac of PF1 Robert L. Mayfield

Herc loading a medevac patient

Mayfield fell on 1 June, rupturing his bladder. After the docs in the dispensary evaluated his condition, a medevac was laid on. Herc 321 headed south from Quonset Point, RI on 4 September, picking up RADM Bakutis (CNSFA) and his meteorologists and physician along the way. 321 landed at Harewood (Christchurch international airport) at 2130 on Sunday 5 June, and headed for McM at 0719 the next day, equipped with the 3600 gallon internal fuel tank.

loading the patient
The weather was a bit dicey...Byrd Station sent word that their skiway could be ready if a diversion was necessary. The NZ naval frigate Taranaki sailed south to collect weather data. Meanwhile, folks at McMurdo had worked long hours preparing the Williams Field skiway and setting out lights and flaming oil drums. The flight landed at about 1630 (and freshies and mail were unloaded), Mayfield was flown by helo from McM to Williams Field, lifted aboard the aircraft (right--RADM Bakutis is seen standing in the doorway) and by 1920 he was on his way north.

The flight landed at ChCh at 0222 on Tuesday...and Mayfield's surgery was successful.

The image at the top of this page is an unnamed artist's impression of the landing. It, the lower photo, and much of the information seen here was obtained from the September 1966 issue of Antarctic, the bulletin of the New Zealand Antarctic Society.