2002-03 Aerial Photos

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NSF takes these at the beginning and end of the season to document station construction status as well as the snow drifting conditions, to minimize unforseen drifting problems. All of these were taken on 31 October 2002; the first 4 were by MSgt Thomas Cook, the next 6 by MSgt David McCarthy, and the last one by, well, one of them. The detailed captions are with the large photos.
01overall 02south
Overall view of the station area

The main complex

03newstation 04headon
The main station

Construction area

05darksector 06marisat
Dark Sector structures

The RF sector...

07campsites 08campberm
Summer camp and work areas

Summer Camp

09bit 10inthesun
Looking east behind the station

Another view of the main complex

one wing
A closer end-on view of the station

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