2003-04 Construction Photos--Inside B Wing

inside B3 looking toward future comms
Inside the upper floor of the enclosed B3 module in late December.
the B3 comms area
Here's the same area in late January after the construction crews have moved in.
Above, the "corner room" in the left background (which looks out over the runway and the dark sector) will be the comm center; other parts of this area will be conference rooms and office space.
the downstairs of B3
A view of the same area of the building, but downstairs, in early December just after it was enclosed. This area includes the comms/network area, a coatroom and storage room. The main entrance and lounge are in the background.
B3 downstairs comms area
Here's the same area at the end of January after the materials and gangboxes had been moved from B2.
science lab mezzanine stairs

Assembling the mezzanine stairs in the B2 science lab. None of the interior walls are up yet, so the corridor stairway is visible at right...the opening in the background is the connecting link to A pod.
B2 science lab
Looking the other way into the main part of the science lab, in late January. The stairway base has been installed.
unloading grade beams
Some of the structural material getting unloaded...shall we say this is a bit safer than the old days when it would be loose load.
unloading grade beams
Another view of another aircraft, on 6 December 2003, from another angle. This load of grade beams is maxing out the vertical cargo space...
Photos #1 and #7 from Jerry Marty, #2, #4, and #6 from Seth White, #3 and #5 from Ralph DeStefano, and #8 by Kris Kuenning (NSF), from the USAP photo library (link to original).

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