2005 Winter Photos - B4 Continued

activity room construction
In August, work began anew in the activity room, AKA the music room.
activity room sheetrock
Here's the same back corner after some of the sheetrock was installed.
sprinkler piping
Some of the utilities in the ceiling. The hoses are for the large temporary heater set up in the gym.
insulated glycol piping
And the glycol piping got insulated...and shelving/storage was moved in from the next active work areas.
sound insulation
This view looks the other way, the opening is where the door will be installed.
mind the step
Out in the main entrance area, here goes the last bit of subfloor under the stairway.
niche market
Framing the curved wall at the main corridor. This area required some rather skilled carpentry...fortunately there were some very skilled carpenters.
the niche at the bottom of the B3 stairs

Another view of the curved wall and the niche.
constructing the curved stairwell wall

Next...time to start the curved stairwell wall.
The back side of the stairwell, looking through the framed north wall of the gym.
radiused drywall construction

Looking more closely at the back side of the curved wall...from upstairs in the exercise room.
up and up
The stairwell side...upstairs.
radiused drywall construction

The back side...downstairs from the gym lobby.
stairwell side of curved wall

...and the stairwell side...downstairs.
closeup of curved sheetrock installation
After insulating, here's a closeup of the curved drywall being installed in the gym lobby.
hall mark
Finishing the lower stair lobby.
Is anyone home?
The lights are on!
black iron
The stair stringers were painted just before first flight.
the upper room
Painting the upper stair lobby.
The curved exercise room wall behind the stairwell.
B4 air handler
Last but not least, putting the air handler together in the fan room. It was in sections, each was quite heavy.
B4 air handler
And one of the sections was missing...fortunately it wasn't one on the bottom or one with piping connections.
B4 air handler piping
The piping was complete at the end of the winter...but the fan section which connected to the hot air duct (at upper right) wasn't on station.
the completed B4 air handler in 2008

For the record, here's my 2008 photo of the completed air handler in operation.

Okay...what was going on in the dome?

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