2005 Winter Photos - Biomed Demo...

store no more
Well, things started outside. First, the shelves (along with their contents) were removed. This is the skiway side, looking toward the entrance into the main room
tear down the walls
A few days later, the siding went the way of the shelves.
where are the 300w light bulbs?
The same thing was happening on the other side of the building.
roll up the walls
Looking the other way a few days later, the siding is gone (as are the stairs to the roof).
end door
The fuel arch end outside BK's room.
raise the roof
Up on the roof, after the shelves and ECW gear go away, so does the sheet metal roofing...
no more exams
Meanwhile...inside, the front room is being gutted.
no ultrasounds today
Another view. This all happened in early April.
is my blood work done?
One of the gutted labs.
no movie tonight
Kate and Larry at work in the main room.
stuff for Jed
The trash filled many boxes....
Fenway Park
Here's Larry Rickard with documentation on when this was happening.
hamster haven

At the other end of the building, the room most recently used by BK is gutted. This was the "animal handling room" in the original plans...note the floor drain intended for washing down the cages. I'm sure the drain had been frozen since 1977...
open ended
This end of the building was soon to be gone.
no lead
The main room, looking into where the x-ray room used to be.
this place takes a bath

The only bathtub at Pole is gone--there is no tub in the elevated station!
open air
Now some serious stuff...the front half of the building has been opened up. Behind the plywood door at left, the heat is being retained in the center section for one more day.
All is cold now...the main room has been ripped open.
Another view of the last walls standing.
Last to go, the flooring...
...and the trusses and foundation timbers.
away all
And soon they are gone too...
Some of the biomed and galley demo photos are from the common drive...by Bill Henriksen, George Prehn, Larry Rickard, and Robert Schwarz.
Okay...head out to cryo!

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