2005-06 Summer Photos - Finishing B4 continued

stairway at the end of the summer
Jumping ahead to the end of the summer...here's the completed stairwell. The ceiling installation was not quite done yet...(NS)
stairwell and light fixture in 2008
...but here's my radiant 2008 photo of what it looked like when finished.
the large map installed on the ceiling installation
And yes, here's a January 2009 view of that large round map of Antarctica on the ceiling (JD).
FCB installation continuing in the gym
Back in the gym, the FCB installation was continuing quickly (JM).
FCB installation continuing in the gym
Looking the other way...it's almost done (PR/APL).
FCB installation continuing in the gym

Just before Christmas, here go the last pieces. We're looking west along the north wall, the white bucket is the one in the photo at left (PR/APL).
The gym at the end of summer
By the end of the summer (and conditional occupancy) the FCB had been sealed, and the walls above the padding were complete. But there was still a bunch of material that needed to go away through that temporary door in the south wall (CB).
The gym at the end of summer
A bit later, some of the stuff was gone, and the place was almost usable for basketball (DB).
The gym at the end of summer
Here is the northeast corner (DB).
Assembling the exercise equipment
The upstairs was complete; here the exercise equipment was being assembled (CB).
band instruments in the activity room
And, the musical instruments were moved into the activity room...the thing to note here is that there isn't anything posted on the walls yet (DB).
excavating for the gym emergency exit
There was one last thing that came out during the final inspection... the emergency exit. The plan was to use the temporary snow ramp, used to get materials into the station, as the emergency exit... but that wouldn't do. A permanent stair was required from every fire exit (JM).

And that included that open personnel door seen in the above photo. The REAL permanent stairway wouldn't fit because of the ramp, and there wasn't time to assemble it anyway. So, the above excavating was being done to accommodate a steel exit stairway. All this, including the fact that the stairway had to be erected within 24 hours, is documented on the that National Geographic "Megastructures" video about the elevated station construction.

stair assembly
Here, folks are putting it together (JM).
gym exit stair
Almost done (JM).
gym exit stair
And there it is (JM).
the south side of the gym showing the old ramp doors and the temporary stair
Here's another view of the south side of the gym after the snow ramp had been removed...although the double doors are still there, as is that temporary staircase (JJ).
permanent exit stair

The temporary stair would remain until the 2007-08 summer, when it was removed for the siding installation, after which this permanent stair (left) was installed (January 2008, JM).

Photo credits and thanks: Denis Barkats (DB), Craig Bell (CB), Jon Dumm (JD), Jerry Marty (JM), Neal Scheibe (NS), and John Jacobsen (JJ).

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